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How to buy my ticket online?

How to buy tickets online

Requirements to buy your tickets:

• Passengers’ name and surname. RUT number, ID or passport of the passengers that will travel.

• A credit or debit card, to make the payment.

• Your email, where you will receive the tickets, which you must print.

Follow these simple instructions to buy your ticket:

First step

Enter the Ticket Online search engine.
Choose origin, destination and date of the trip.

Step 2 - how to buy

Select desired time and company.

Step 3

Select the service that you want.
Choose your seat for the outward and / or backward journey.

Step 4 - print your tickets

You must complete the requested passenger and credit / debit card holder’s information.
Once the payment is made, your tickets will be shown on screen.
You will receive a copy of the tickets in your email.

Print your tickets to board the bus, except in case the company you chose accepts ETICKET, in this case, it won’t be necessary to print the tickets.

About the companies that accept ETICKET: this is indicated on the same ticket.