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Do you want to sell long-distance bus tickets?

In your website

Our powerful ticket search engine, on your website

In Ticket Online, we offer you the possibility of providing hundreds of services, and get a very good return in exchange. Transform visits into profits, improve the profitability of your website.

We are a bus distributor in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and other nearby countries. An excellent customer service set us apart. We are backed by our experience, over 15 years in the market through Ticket Online, the first online ticketing system in Argentina, online since 2004. We have worked with many leading transportation companies.

• Your agency will become a Ticket Online web agent (powered by: Ticket Online).
• Our powerful search engine is embedded in your website, like a banner, and you can start selling services.
• It will also be possible to receive our API calls and develop and modify the site to your liking.
• You will receive juicy commissions for all sales made.
• You will have access to the back office, where you can monitor your online sales.

Commercial Benefits

• You offer services to the users of your web page: the clients will no longer have to be physically present neither go to the business, they will buy the ticket through your website. They will also use the website as a means of information, increasing your web traffic.
• It is really simple: the customer buys the ticket, prints it and presents him with the printed ticket and his document, or passport, to board the bus.
• 100% secure purchase: payments are made by credit card, through INGENICO Argentina, a leading company in systems of transactions, backed by Verisign; leading company in encryption and data security.
• The service is directly associated with your business.

Ticket Online tasks

• Configuration and setup of the shopping cart on your website.
• Management and customer service (after-sales services, exchanges and ticket refunds).
• Monitoring clients and transactions, statistical data.
• Verification of online fraud and security.
• Online validation and transaction costs.
• Web hosting on our servers.

If you have a website and you want to join Ticket Online, simply get in touch with us, and we will provide you with all the necessary information. You can contact us by doing click here.